Help Us Distribute Coats to Those in Need

To request to become a distribution depot, please print & fax a request form it or use the online form below.

Donation Depot Details:

  • Depots can either be open to the public or “closed” which means you only provide coats to your clients.  There is no charge to be a distribution depot however you must sign an agreement stating that coats will only be donated to those in need and you will not charge for or sell the coats.

  • You can set your own distribution hours, but we will need to be informed of those hours so we can let 211 Alberta know. 211 is a 24-hour information and referral line that helps people connect to social, health and government services.

  • The time frame for distribution is October 22 - March 30 depending on how cold and long our winter is.  However, you can choose how long you want to distribute for; it is completely up to your organization.

  • Distribution depots can request additional coats as often as they are needed, however, availability to restock is dependent on what we have cleaned and sorted.

Request Coats for Distribution

Fill out the form below to request becoming a distribution depot.
Not into online forms? You can also download it here and fax it to Suzi Medhurst, Program Coordinator, Community Initiatives at (780)990-0203.

Questions? Feel free to contact:

Suzi Medhurst, Program Coordinator, Community Initiatives

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Phone: 780.443.8396
Fax: 780.990.0203